Making Strides Towards a Sustainable Future as Barrett Steel Trial Electric Trucks!

20 June 2023

Today we are proud to announce that we, as the leading steel stockholders in the UK, have taken another giant leap towards reducing our carbon footprint and a greener steel future.
We are delighted to be the first in our industry to trial a full electric truck in the UK. The vehicle has spent the week on runs to our customers across South Yorkshire, testing its capabilities.

Having the FM Electric Volvo trialling on site represents a remarkable milestone in our journey towards environmentally friendly transportation. This cutting-edge electric truck offers numerous advantages, allowing us to deliver steel in a way that aligns with our commitment to sustainability and Net Zero Goals. With advanced features and intelligent systems, we can optimise routes, streamline logistics and improve overall productivity.

At Barrett Steel, sustainability is a core value, and we firmly believe that every step counts towards achieving our Net Carbon Zero target by 2035. The replacement of our materials handling fleet with electric Sideloaders and LED lighting across our sites are just a couple of the many initiatives we have implemented as we strive to Net Zero by 2035 and Steel Zero for the UK Steel Industry by 2050.

Mark Carlton, Group Logistics Director commented on the trial saying: ‘’I am excited to be a part of a company so committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Its inspiring to work alongside a team that shares the vision of creating a more sustainable future.’’

We would like to extend our gratitude to our customers, partners and suppliers who have supported us on this journey to a greener steel future.
Making Strides Towards a Sustainable Future as Barrett Steel Trial Electric Trucks!

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