XCarb (recycled and renewably produced steel) in stock at Barrett Steel Shoreham soon

15 February 2023

Barrett Steel are delighted to announce we will soon have a comprehensive range of XCarb™ (recycled and renewably produced steel) in stock at Barrett Steel Shoreham, our Low Embodied Carbon Steel distribution hub.
As a group we have invested heavily over the past few years in a low carbon future, and we are excited to announce we will soon be holding stock of XCarb™ (recycled and renewably produced steel) at our solely EAF material site at Barrett Steel Shoreham. 

Barrett Steel Shoreham (acquired by the business in 2019) benefits from its own dedicated bulk receipts port facility and is perfectly positioned to act as a gateway for low carbon material into structural projects across the UK. The expansive stock facility on the south coast also is home to an extensive range of steel processing capabilities including steel preservation lines, cutting, and drilling facilities. The hub delivers daily across the UK, direct to customers and into our distribution centres.

Back in 2021 Barrett Steel made its first significant pledge towards a low carbon steel future when it was the first UK stockholder to sign up to the #SteelZero initiative run by The Climate Group. In doing this, the group committed to using 100% net zero steel by 2050, signalling then the growing demand for net zero steel in the market. There is now significant interest, alongside requirements to eliminate carbon emissions associated with the built environment and renewable energy infrastructure.

At the time, our now Chief Operating Officer Guy Barrett commented “The Barrett Steel Group is committed to working in collaboration with Steel Zero and its members to influence net zero steel globally. Combined with the responsible sourcing of steel, a soon to be launched Net Zero Carbon Roadmap demonstrates our objectives for cleaner, greener steel. As the UK’s largest steel stockholder and processor, our participation in this project will generate opportunities to share best practices to achieve the highest standards for sustainability.”

In January 2022 this commitment was supported by the release of Barrett Steel's own Net Zero Carbon Roadmap, committing to operating at Net Zero (across Scopes 1/2/3) by 2035. Examples of current commitments are:
  • The installation of solar panels at 7 of our operational sites.
  • A 100% commitment to source renewable electricity for use within group business activities.
  • Waste segregation to reduce to landfill & promote energy production from waste.
  • Upgrading Material Handling fleet to greener models.
  • Investing in greener fleet & company car choices.
  • Incorporating “Green Steel” in the erection of our facilities and buildings
  • Investment in community projects such as “Sea Bins” for cleaner seas in Shoreham Port.
Barrett Steel have made substantial progress with their commitments in the last 24 months, and have recently opened a brand new 200,000sq ft Distribution Centre at Groveport in Scunthorpe constructed entirely from XCarb™. The centre was the first building in the UK to be constructed in this material and the 650 tonnes of sections, used for the frame, have an embodied carbon of 216t CO₂e, which compared to blast furnace produced material offers an estimated saving of 1,408t CO₂e.

The imminent arrival of this XCarb™ stock into Barrett's Shoreham facility is just the latest in a long line of commitments from the business to support the steel fabrication market in the UK for the future, just as it always has done, for over 150 years.

For more information on this stock and availability please contact your local sales representative or sales@barrettconstructionalsteel.com / 01274 474 314
XCarb (recycled and renewably produced steel) in stock at Barrett Steel Shoreham soon

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