Specialist suppliers to the agriculture and farming sectors

Barrett Steel pride ourselves in the level of service provided by our friendly, experienced sales team. We are on hand to give advice, whatever the nature of your agricultural project.

Offering innovative solutions to meet your needs, we strive to provide the full package without compromising on quality or value.
Stock Range

Our vast stock range and associated services ensure your project is provided with the complete solution. We supply many different products from Flooring and Handrails to Self-Closing Gates.


We offer both Weld Mesh and Expanded Mesh to suit the different needs of your projects. Expanded Mesh has a unique diamond pattern opening and adds a structural strength to the product. The knuckles formed from expanding metal give the material a strong grip – plus expanded metal mesh provides natural drainage.

Our Flattened Mesh can be used as a cost effective, robust solutions for Animal Flooring including Sheep Flooring and Pig Flooring. The Flattened Mesh helps to create a smooth and flat surface for stables, cubicles, and walking areas to prevent against mud and slipping. 

Our Raised Mesh is perfect for Sheep Flooring as it helps to manicure the hooves of the sheep and provides appropriate traction which is easier on the joints.

We also offer TCG Mesh for grain drying applications and grain and seed storage safety. The grain and seed storage meshes are offered in a range of seven types specially produced for this purpose and are the outcome of extensive experience.
The meshes are rigid and durable. They retain the produce but allow free-flow of drying air. Fan-blown air is deflected through the louvred apertures without any

Tubeclamps and Handrail

Our Tubeclamps and Handrail can be used for both internal and external applications in the Agriculutral Sector. 

With our wide range of Tubeclamps, you can create a safe farm fencing system often used inside the barns to keep cattle or heards inside or outside on the fields to avoid animal escaping. 

Self-Closing Safety Gates

Our high-grade steel Self-Closing Safety Gates are made from high quality materials. These are durable, strong and reliable to prevent animals from escaping and offer around the clock protection with hands free closing. 

Self-closing gates do not rely on the workers to function. They close automatically. This removes the element of human error in their efficiency.

Armco Barriers

The versatility of our Armco Barrier Systems  enables them to be used in a variety of environments including Agricultural. 

The main aim of our Armco Barrier Systems is to offer solid protection of buildings, expensive machinery, and to safeguard people from the impact that a farming vehicle can cause.

It helps to protect farmers / animals / machinery from other vehicles or livestock and can also be used to contain larger livestock. It remains sturdy despite harsh outdoor weather conditions and is low cost.