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We stock a huge range of structural steel sections available for immediate off-the-shelf delivery using our own reliable and efficient nationwide transport fleet. These products are suitable for numerous construction and manufacturing applications and our product range and steel stockholding is vast.

Barrett Steel supplies a huge range of structural steel to the construction industry and DIY market across the entire UK.

Barrett Steel Value

As the largest steel stockholder in the UK with over 150 years experience, we can pass on the benefits of our buying power to you, which is why we believe we represent excellent value for money.

As well as our immediately available range of stock, we can also provide any value-added processing service you require using our state-of-the-art facilities, operated by our own fully trained and highly experienced staff. These services include but are not exclusive to:

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Universal Beams (UB)

Universal beams have a characteristic 'I' shape with relatively wide flanges. They are often referred to as I Beams. Due to their shape and strength, UBs are primarily used for horizontal structures. 
Universal Beam or I Beam

Universal Columns (UC)

Universal columns are similar in shape to UBs but are generally more robust and have a thicker centre, or "web". 
Universal Column

Parallel Flange Channels (PFC)

Parallel flange channels have a C-shaped profile with flanges that run parallel to each other. PFCs are often used in building frameworks and as support for floor joists.
Parallel Flange Channel - Steel PFC

Structural Steel Angles

Steel structural angles, often referred to as "angles" or "angle irons," are L-shaped cross-sectional steel members used in various structural and architectural applications. 
Steel Angle or Angle Iron

European Sections

European sections refer to the standardised shapes and sizes of structural steel beams and columns used in construction throughout Europe. Typical European sections are called IPE Sections, HE (A, B, M) Sections, UPN Sections and IPA/IPEA Sections.