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Stainless, Duplex & Super Duplex

These are ferritic-austenitic stainless steels. They have excellent corrosion resistance, increased resistance to chloride attack and good resistance to stress corrosion cracking. In addition, they have higher mechanical properties than conventional austenitic or ferritic grades of stainless steel. These grades are suitable for bonnet seal rings, pipes and fitments.

Austenitic, martensitic and precipitation hardening grades

These offer improved corrosion resistance over the low alloy steel grades and greater strength depending on the grade of stainless steel.

Austenitic grades

These are tough with good corrosion resistance and are commonly used for marine applications. However, they are sensitive to pitting corrosion in higher temperature chloride-containing environments.

410 and F6NM 13%Cr martensitic types

These offer greater strength than the austenitic stainless grades. Martensitic stainless steel grades provide good corrosion resistance and are suitable for low pressure hydrogen sulphide-containing environments. These grades are less resistant to pitting corrosion than the austenitic series.
Precipitation hardening grade 17/4PH offers higher strength and better corrosion