Safety & Access


Tubeclamp fittings are manufactured to suit a range of tube sizes and these can be purchased seperately from Barrett Steel Limited meaning we are a one stop solution to all your steel project needs. 

The comprehensive range of fittings and sizes means that tubeclamp fittings can be used in a wide variety of applications, both temporary and permanent.

There are no special skills required to make full use of the Tubeclamps range - no welding, no bending, no threading, just a hexagonal key is needed to tighten the set screws allowing you to join tubing together in a matter of seconds.

Selecting a Tubeclamps fitting is also a simple matter. Select the suitable fitting and the suitable size of tube for the application and combine the two reference numbers. Eg. A Long Tee to suit 48.3mm dia tube = 104D.
Tubeclamps fittings are manufactured to suit a range of sizes from 26.9 OD - 60.3 OD.

If you dont see the fitting in the brochure you require please check our up to date leaflet or email our dedicated Safety and Access team on