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Barrett Steel leads the way in renewable energy with £400,000 solar project

28 July 2015

A MAJOR solar panel installation at Barrett Steel has helped Yorkshire lead the UK in the number of commercial-scale renewable energy projects, according to a new report.
The £400,000 152kw solar system at Barrett Steel’s head office in Dudley Hill, is highlighted in research by independent energy company SmartestEnergy which found that, on top of the large renewable projects developed by the ‘Big Six’ power companies, there are 395 commercial-scale independent projects in Yorkshire worth more than £110 million.
It said, according to the latest annual Energy Entrepreneurs Report, an estimated £18.2 million has been invested in 155 new projects since the 2014 report was compiled, an increase of 65 per cent , with an average spend of £283,000.

The schemes, such as wind turbines and rooftop solar installations, can now generate energy worth an estimated £61.65 million a year, enough to power over 328,000 households.

Robert Groves, SmartestEnergy chief executive, said: “This report has highlighted the resilience of the independent generation sector against the backdrop of political uncertainty, changes to renewable subsidies and falls in wholesale power prices that occurred last year."

But he warned that recent changes announced by the Government will challenge this growth.

“With the early end to support for onshore wind under the Renewables Obligation and the end of the exemption from Climate Change Levy for renewable source electricity, 2015 could prove to be a difficult year for generators and investors,” he said.

Barrett Steel leads the way in renewable energy with £400,000 solar project

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