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Barrett Steel Limited Support Mental Health in the Workplace

15 August 2022

We are proud to announce that our staff members are now first aiders in mental health training.
Last month, 48 of our staff members qualified as Metal Health First Aiders by MHFA England. The course consisted of 4 half-day sessions spread out over a couple of weeks and we now have at least one Mental Heath First Aider at every site.

Pictured is Sharon Smith, our IMS Director who was one of our staff members who was awarded the qualification. Sharon said that ‘’Last year I was feeling “low” following the breakup of my relationship. As friends do they rally around you & at a moment of weakness, one of my close pals invited me to sign up for the 12K Total Warrior event, 26 obstacles fire, ice & water. The team from Leeds MIND were at the event, so I popped over to have a chat about the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course I had completed with them, the previous week. I’ve always believed that people are our greatest asset, we all have mental health of varying states, some have better mental health than others…but it’s important we all look out for each other. It’s the right thing to do to reach out if you’re struggling, or even if you’re not struggling & just need to chat…better still it’s reassuring to know that I can recognise triggers in myself & other people…I just want to make a positive difference. We have regimes for physical health & fitness, gym memberships etc, service & maintenance routines for machinery, looking after our mental health is just the same.’’

Liam Turner, our Operations Admin said ‘’The training offered a fresh perspective to me regarding Mental Health and how to approach some tricky scenarios that may arise.’’

Lindsay Clarke, our Recruitment Manager said ‘’ The training gave me the skills and confidence to help and support my colleagues to find the relevant mental health support they need.’’

Penny Etheridge, our Sales Manager said ‘’The Mental Health First Aid course made me realise how fragile we ALL are, I for one could relate to certain covered topics and as if we’re all honest we all can? Stress being the major factor! WE’RE ALL HUMAN and need support, the company’s stance in allowing individuals to open up to their feelings, without judgement or shame, will 100% long term save relationships, embarrassment and above all quite possibly lives.’’

Debra Malton, our Sales Representative said ‘’The Mental Health course really made me realise how this is having a major impact on society, how with the right help, self-care ect can have a huge impact and if we can be more empathetic to each other it can have a huge positive effect. Excellent course, great content and I feel more confident in the subject within in my work & personal life.’’

Kully Kaur, our Purchase Ledger Manager said  ''The Mental Health Course has given me the practical skills to spot the triggers and signs to help someone who may be experiencing mental health issues and emotional stress.
I have gained extensive understanding of the human mind and how powerful it is and how it could impact people if it’s not looked after. Just like exercising our body it is as important to take good care of our minds through mindfulness and meditation and other holistic approaches, the benefits are incredible!
I am so grateful I’ve had access to this course and ready to support someone in need.''

Congratulations to all of our first aiders. 
Barrett Steel Limited Support Mental Health in the Workplace

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