Engineering Steel

Nickel Alloys

We supply Nickel Alloy raw materials and products for use in some of the most demanding applications across the globe.

With on the ground stocks and processing facilities in both the UK & US, we work in partnership with world-leading companies operating in the most challenging of industries. These include Oil & Gas; Gasket Manufacturing; Nuclear; Power Generation; and the Automotive Industry.

We understand the time-critical and technically complex nature of these extreme-environment projects. Our talented and skilled metallurgists along with our technical experts draw on their long experience and in-depth knowledge to deliver optimum and often groundbreaking solutions, within your budget and timescales.


Precipitation hardened grades 718/725/925

These offer high strength and good corrosion resistance typically in sour gas well applications.

Solid solution strengthened grades 625 and 825

Grade 625 provides excellent resistance to chloride ion induced stress-corrosion cracking and is suitable for use in severe environments.

Alloy 825 is lower strength but still provides a high level of resistance to chloride-ion induced SCC.