Commemorating 80 Years Since D-Day - On Freedoms Wings

06 June 2024

On Freedoms Wings Project, remembering our Lancaster Bomber Crews.

We are honored to share the latest progress photos from the "On Freedoms Wings" build, supported in partnership with Timmins Engineering & Construction Ltd for the Bomber County Gateway Trust. These images showcase the meticulous fabrication of the rear fuselage section, a testament to the skill and dedication of Timmins talented team.

On June 6, 1944, Lancaster bombers played a pivotal role in the success of D-Day operations. These formidable aircraft and brave crews conducted precise and dangerous attacks on bridges, rail yards, and critical transportation targets, significantly contributing to the Allied invasion's success and undoubtedly saving lives. The bravery and expertise of those who piloted and crewed the Lancaster's was instrumental in shaping the course of history.


As we continue to advance the "On Freedoms Wings" project, we remember and pay tribute to all those who lost their lives during the D-Day operations. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten, and it is their courage and determination that inspire us every day.

Let us take this moment to reflect on the sacrifices made 80 years ago and commit ourselves to remembering their legacy as we build a future grounded in freedom.

💚 Lest we forget.

Commemorating 80 Years Since D-Day - On Freedoms Wings

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