Barrett Steel Celebrates Brand Partner Lilly's Racing Achievements

24 November 2023

We are proud to share that our Brand Partner Lilly Pinchin has officially ridden out her claim.
Riding out her claim is a testament to Lilly’s dedication, skill, and passion for horse racing. As a brand that values excellence and determination, Barrett Steel are honoured to be partnered with Lilly Pinchin.

For those unfamiliar with the term, riding out her claim means that Lilly has successfully ridden 75 winners and fulfilled the conditions allowing her to ride without the weight allowance provided to apprentice jockeys.

Lilly was presented with a bottle of Norfolk Gin by the racecourse to mark her achievement. 

Lilly Pinchin stated ‘’I'm so grateful for all the support from trainers, friends and family along the way and I'm glad I've finally got it done. I must make special mention of Charlie Longsdon, who gave me a chance after I broke my back when no-one would give me a ride. I started out with Fergal O'Brien, who got me going, and I must also thank Richard Hobson and of course James Owen, for whom I ride out once a week.’’

One of the stables supporting Lilly is James Owen who commented on the achievement saying ‘’Well done to Lilly. She's a strong jockey as well as a very good one. She'll get plenty of chances from me and is very much a team player. We came here with two live chances for Lilly and we're glad to be involved.’’

Lillys time with us has been a source of inspiration. We look forward to continuing this incredible journey together. 

Read more about Lillys achievement here:

Barrett Steel Celebrates Brand Partner Lilly's Racing Achievements

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