Barrett Engineering Steel North Completes Their Walk of Steel

10 June 2024

The team covered 14 miles of South Yorkshire's rich steel history.

Barrett Engineering Steel North Completes Walk of Steel to Support Cancer Research

On Saturday, the dedicated team at Barrett Engineering Steel North successfully completed their ambitious Walk of Steel. The team embarked on a journey from their site in Rotherham to Samuel Osborn & Co in Sheffield, covering 14 miles of South Yorkshire's rich steel history. The weather cooperated wonderfully, staying dry throughout the day, which allowed everyone to thoroughly enjoy the walk. Along the route, the team visited various steel-related monuments, making the experience both meaningful and educational. Impressively, they managed to raise over double their initial fundraising target!

A Journey Through South Yorkshire’s Steel Heritage

South Yorkshire, particularly Sheffield and Rotherham, has a storied history in the steel industry. Sheffield, often dubbed "Steel City," became renowned in the 19th century for its production of steel, cutlery, and tools. This industrial heritage laid the foundation for many of the landmarks the Barrett Engineering team encountered during their walk.

Key Landmarks on the Walk

Steel Henge
A striking modern sculpture that pays homage to the region’s industrial past, Steel Henge is a symbolic representation of South Yorkshire’s significant role in the steel industry. Made entirely of steel, this landmark stands as a testament to the material that shaped the local economy and culture.

Women of Steel
This monument honors the women who worked in the steelworks during both World Wars. With many men enlisted in the armed forces, women took on critical roles in the steel industry, ensuring continuous production of essential materials. The statue, unveiled in 2016, serves as a reminder of their invaluable contributions and resilience.

10 Tonne Steel Plug and 5 Tonne Steam Hammer
These two impressive artifacts are remnants of the industrial era, showcasing the sheer scale and power of machinery used in steel production. The 10-tonne steel plug is a massive piece used in foundries, while the 5-tonne steam hammer illustrates the force required to shape steel into usable products. Both pieces highlight the industrial might that once dominated the region.

Magna Bull
Situated near the Magna Science Adventure Centre, the Magna Bull is a modern sculpture that symbolizes strength and endurance. It ties into the steel theme by representing the robust and enduring spirit of the local community and its industrial heritage.

The full list of walk locations included:

  • Steel Henge
  • Magna Bull
  • Teeming Statues
  • Sheffield Forgemasters
  • 10 tonne plug
  • Birthplace of Stainless Steel 
  • 5 tonne steam hammer
  • Women of Steel 
  • Cemmentation Furnance
  • Bessemer Converter 
  • Steelmaking Ladel 
  • Samuel Osborn and Co

Supporting Cancer Research UK

The Walk of Steel wasn’t just a celebration of industrial history; it was also a philanthropic effort to support Cancer Research UK. The team at Barrett Engineering Steel North has shown incredible dedication to raising funds for this vital cause. Their efforts have already exceeded expectations, but there is still time to contribute.

We encourage everyone to support this noble cause and help the team at Barrett Engineering Steel North make an even greater impact. Your donations will aid in the ongoing fight against cancer, funding essential research and support services.

Donate Now to Cancer Research UK

 Thank you for your support!

Barrett Engineering Steel North Completes Their Walk of Steel

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