Oil and Gas


We have many years’ experience of working across a diverse range of market sectors including oil & gas, transport, construction and wind farms. Our customers include small and medium-sized businesses as well as multi-national companies operating across the globe.


Oil & gas

We work in trusted long-term partnership with a number of major players in the oil & gas industry. Our fully trained metallurgists and technical experts have an in-depth understanding of this challenging and demanding sector, and can draw on their many years’ experience to deliver optimum solutions – on time, and within budget.


The automotive sector is a highly specialised industry where quality, consistency and reliability of supply and delivery are of paramount importance. That’s why we never sub-contract; all manufacturing and processing is carried out in-house by highly trained staff at our multi-million pound facilities. Advanced 3D modelling software enables us to import customers’ often complex drawings, ensuring total accuracy as well as time and cost savings.


We are known nationally and internationally as trusted suppliers to the construction industry. We add value at every stage, offering premium quality, competitively priced products and services, supplied and delivered on a just-in-time basis throughout the UK using our own delivery fleet.



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