Barrett Engineering Steels have introduced D2 Tool Steel to their product portfolio.

This product is a high carbon, high chromium, molybdenum, vanadium air hardening tool steel which offers very high resistance against abrasive wear due to a high volume of hard carbides in the steel's chemical composition. It offers very good dimensional stability along with high compressive strength.

Applications include -



•Stamping tools

•Shear blades

•Thread rolling dies

•Cold extrusion dies

•Drawing and bending tools

•Flanging and straightening rolls

•Fine cutting tools

•Deep drawing tools

•Plastic moulds for abrasive polymers


Size Range                                            

Lengths- 51mm to 303mm Diameter                                                 

Material Condition- 2000mm to 3000mm                        

Annealed- 255 Max Hb/Peeled

Chemical Analysis                          

Carbon - 1.55                                  Molybdenum - 0.8

Chrome - 12.00                               Vanadium - 0.9                                                                   

This newly available product is a great addition to the Barrett portfolio.
We are able to obtain numerous other grades upon request.

For more information please don't hesistate to contact our D2 specialists.

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