Our group dock facility stocks a massive range of structural steel which is supported by extensive, on site, processing. This is offered with a fast and direct delivery service to our customers.

Shotblasting and Priming

Our in house shot blasting and priming systems ensure that you, the customer, get perfectly finished products to fit your personal requirements. Our surface treatment systems have the ability to shot-blast all universal beams, universal columns, hollow sections, merchant bar and plates up to 1500mm wide. All shot blasting complies with BS EN ISO 8501:2001 SA2.5.We only ever use water-based weldable holding primer in order to give the best finish possible – as well as being kinder to the environment.

Sawing and Drilling

We have saws suitable for all your cutting requirements from one off cuts to mitre and batch cutting. Our close coupled sawing and drilling lines are also fully CNC controlled in order to ensure you requirements are met perfectly. Co-ordinates can be received electronically via Stru Cad or XSteel producing information in DSTV and/or CAM formats, or input from physical drawings

Punching and Shearing
Our punching and shearing systems are designed for the production of connection plates, base plates, diagonal trusses and braces. The system is capable of punching and shearing both flats and angles.
Saw Cutting
Our saw cutting facilities include semi-automatic band saws and carbide saw cutting. Our saws all provide a fast and accurate service to meet your requirements. We can provide bevelled, bundle, repetition, square and mitre cutting services.

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